Van Vliet Lake Association

Zoning Introduction


The zoning status of the lake first emerged as an issue at the annual meeting in 2000 and was discussed in the Spring, 2001 newsletter.  The Spring, 2002  issue discussed a land use plan by the town of Presque Isle which the association opposed following a member survey and was subsequently shelved by the town.

From 2002 through 2005, the Association was involved in a study of zoning issues on the lake.  All lake owners were polled on the question of pursuing a zoning change to a more restrictive residential status. In 2005, the association board initiated the rezoning process based on survey responses. (Winter, 2005, Spring Supplement, 2005).

The Presque Isle Town Zoning Board recommended that landowners who opposed rezoning not be included in the change.  The Vilas County Zoning Board revised this further by only changing zoning for parcels where owners had voted for the change and not rezoning any non-responding parcels.

In July, 2006, zoning changes were enacted whereby 51 parcels changed to R-1 zoning and 23 parcels remained REC.