Van Vliet Lake Association

Lake Management Plan Introduction


The focus of the lake association has always been to maintain or improve the quality of the lake.  A lake management plan was discussed by the association as early as January, 1996.  (Winter, 1996)

At the 2003 annual meeting, the board was asked to look into the possibility of developing a lake management plan for Van Vliet Lake.  During the fall of 2003, requests for proposals were sent to more than two dozen consulting firms.  After interviewing the top three candidates, Blue Water Science was selected to work with the association on this process.

In February, 2004 a grant request was filed with the DNR which was approved in May.  Studies were conducted throughout the summer of 2004.  A final report from the consultant was presented at the 2005 annual meeting.

Note: The report body and conclusion are LARGE Adobe Acrobat files that dial-up users may have a difficult time accessing.  CD's of this report are available from the Lake Association. 

The history of creating the lake management plan is chronicled in the newsletters from

Fall, 2003           Winter, 2004            Spring, 2004          Summer, 2004           Winter, 2005