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There have been 30 responses to the survey to date.  Several respondents did not submit an answer to every question so there are fewer than 30 responses to several of the questions.  We are continuing to accept new responses to the survey.

Recent aquatic plant growth in Van Vliet Lake, due to low water levels, has reached a nuisance level which is impacting recreational use of the lake.
Agree         23
Disagree      5

In my opinion, the most negative factor of excessive aquatic plant growth in the lake is related to:
concerns about the health of the lake.   15
a reduced ability to maintain a swimming beach.
a negative impact on fishing.
the difficulty of boat navigation.  10
I perceive no negative effects to the aquatic plant growth.    3

I believe the best approach to managing lake weeds is:
Individuals should use legal methods to manage their own shoreline.  3
Plant growth should be considered on a whole lake scale and control methods should reflect a concerted  approach.  25
Plant growth should be considered a natural part of the lake environment and not be interfered with under any circumstances.   2

The Lake Association should pursue the creation of an aquatic plant management plan for Van Vliet Lake.  A management plan makes recommendations to promote a healthy, diverse community of aquatic plants.  This may include protection of native plants in some areas, measures to prevent the introduction of invasive species, methods to continue patterns of recreational use that have been historically present in a lake, or rehabilitation efforts to control an imbalance in the plant community.
Agree        25
Disagree     5

If weed cutting was recommended, I would be most comfortable with:
individuals managing cutting for their own shoreline access in accordance with DNR regulations.   4
a professional harvesting organization being hired for all cutting zones.    20
no cutting of weeds under any circumstances.    6

If chemical treatment was recommended, I would be most comfortable with:
individuals managing their own shoreline using legally licensed applicators in accordance with DNR regulations.  3
a professional organization being hired for all treatment zones.  14
no use of chemicals under any circumstances.  13

To support an aquatic plant management plan, I would be willing to spend on an annual basis:
$0         7
$100    10
$250    10
$500     3

I would be willing to volunteer my time to support an aquatic plant management plan.
Agree        16
Disagree    13

I feel I am adequately informed about the issues and consequences of proliferation of lake vegetation in the short and long term.
 Agree        22
Disagree      7