Van Vliet Lake Association

 Aquatic Plants and Algae Control Committee


The Aquatic Plants and Algae Control Committee is defined in the bylaws.  The committee's purpose is to "offer proposals to the Board for a vegetation management plan and may be delegated responsibility to implement such a plan."

At the July, 2012 annual meeting a subgroup was designated to look into nuisance plant issues on the lake.  It was clarified at the August 21, 2012 board meeting that this group is that committee.  Members are Ed Brodsky, Jeff Burke, Mike Czarny, and Jim Sprester.

The following links access the reports of the committee.

Request for Information - July, 2012

Review of Initial Survey Results - August, 2012

Updated survey results - October, 2012

Information update - October, 2012

Onterra proposal - December, 2012

Onterra grant application - February,2013