Van Vliet Lake Association

 Aquatic Plant Management Plan


The Presque Isle Town Lakes Committee (PITLC) was created by the Town Board in 2005 as a way to try to learn more about aquatic invasive species. It was known at the time there were invasive species making their way toward Presque Isle’s lakes, it was also known that there was money available from both the state and the DNR to set up programs to combat the invasion, and it was understood that none of us wanted invasive species in our Presque Isle lakes.

In 2008, PITLC successfully applied for a DNR lake study grant that included Van Vliet Lake.  The plant survey of the lake was completed in July, 2008 and there has been a long wait to get a completed aquatic plant management plan as a result of that grant and survey. 

In the winter of 2011, a draft document for a Van Vliet Lake APMP was completed and board members worked with the contracted agency to edit that document.  The APMP was submitted to the DNR in March. 

On September 28, 2011 two representatives from the DNR joined several Van Vliet Lake Association board members on a boat tour of the lake.  The purpose of the visit was to provide a first hand look at our aquatic plant situation and to open a dialog on ways to implement our pending APMP.  Click here to read the notes from that visit.

In February of 2012 the Van Vliet Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan was approved by the DNR and is now active.

In the summer of 2012, the Aquatic Plants Committee of the VVLA  surveyed the riparian owners on Van Vliet Lake about their support for researching a mechanical harvesting plan for the lake.  The committee also gathered information on the feasibility, cost, and safety of mechanical harvesting.  Results of their work are posted here.

In 2013, the VVLA applied for and received a WDNR grant to have Onterra conduct a study of the lake focusing on nuisance navigation issues and shoreland assessment.  The first draft of the report was released in April, 2014 and public input was solicited.  A link is available to the presentation that Onterra gave at our annual meeting in June, 2014.

A second draft of the report was released in October, 2014 which incorporated the  results of the riparian survey conducted in the summer of 2014 following Onterra's report at our annual meeting.  Public comment was again requested.  The WDNR reviewed the report and changes were suggested at a meeting in March, 2015.  In June, 2015 the final report and its appendices were released.